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Adelaide venues

Wow, the foods look great. It is good to have wine after you eat. Thank you for sharing.

Rob Feckler

Anyone who sees this mouth-watering pictures will be drooling for sure. You had a great wine there to go with your Seared Ahi Tuna menu. I bet that you had an awesome Christmas Eve dinner.

Liz Peters

Haha! I agree, Rob! I’m actually on it now… :D Anyway, the sesame seeds are lovely. Pairing them with steak is one of the common things my best friend does whenever she cooks one for me. She probably hasn’t tried doing that with tuna or other fish. I’ll show this recipe to her, may I?

best australian wine

You just made my stomach rumble. I actually never thought of adding red wine to sea food dishes before. After seeing this, I just might experiment in the kitchen later.

Bethann McCarthy

Hey Joe!!! This is so funny. Gary was looking up a recipe for tuna, and came across a comment from you. What a small world we live in -- even virtually apparently! I was writing to Richard at the time, and told him the story -- as well as the wine you paired with the tuna. He'll get a kick of this, too. Hope all is well. Love you! Best to Amy and the kids.

Joe McCarthy

@Bethann: Richard is the one who first helped me recognize how well Rhone-style reds pair with foods; his pairing of a Domaine de Marcoux Chateneuf du Pape with turkey during a Thanksgiving dinner at your house many years ago was a watershed (or perhaps wineshed?) experience for me in this regard.

I hope all's well on your end, too ... and that whatever recipe Gary chooses for tuna works out well!

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