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Juli McDermott

Yes, yes, a delicious GSM (as the Aussies would say). I keep going back to Trader Joe's for more, a few bottles at a time. Guess I should break down and buy a case; I know I will wish I had when it is gone!

Ah, fond memories of the bargain Quivira Dry Creek Zin a few years back. I'm a huge Quivira fan, but even in the wine club, we don't get bargains like that.


I picked this Red Flyer up for $3 at Trader Joe's! What a deal! Nice find on the durif by the way, how did you track this down?


Thanks for reminding me of this wine! I can't remember whether someone emailed me the secret ingredient or whether it was yet another example of google-based serendipitous discovery. I haven't tried any since the 2003 vintage; given the strength of the 2006 Zinfandels, in general, I may have to stop by TJs to re-sample the latest release.

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