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Coasting in Oregon: Notes from a Family Vacation along the Oregon Coast

Oregon_washington_coast_map_detaile We spent the first week in August traveling down the Oregon coast, covering 1300 miles in 8 days, stopping in Cannon Beach, Florence and Gold Beach then dipping down into Crescent City, California, before heading inland to Crater Lake, with a stopover in Eugene on the way back home to Woodinville, Washington.

Canon_eos400d The scenery in Cannon Beach was so spectacular that I decided I had to go out and buy a new digital SLR camera (the 10.1 megapixel Canon EOS 400D / Digital Rebel XTi), as my Nokia N95 photos weren't doing full justice to the natural beauty there ... and I knew from a trip along the coast in 1986 (when I also bought some new camera equipment) that we were going to pass through lots of other beautiful places. As a side effect of this purchase, I was taking lots of photos, and the image files are large, so I've upgraded my Flickr account to "professional".  Another side effect is that taking lots of photos with the new camera aggravated my right elbow, for which I underwent a Plasma Rich Platelet treatment a month ago (about which I'll post a separate update on progress - or regress - in the near future).

TripAdvisorYelp_logo Before the trip, I'd made heavy use of TripAdvisor to investigate lodging options. During the trip, I tried to use Yelp to investigate dining and other activity options. TripAdvisor was very helpful; Yelp was [surprisingly] not very helpful (given how useful it's been for assessing options in the Seattle and Palo Alto areas). I decided to post a number of reviews of our lodging, dining and other experiences on both sites. I'm not sure if my reviews on TripAdvisor added much value to TripAdvisor, since my ratings were very closely aligned with the existing averages, and my reviews probably didn't add much new information. My reviews on Yelp may have been more helpful, as I was the first to review several restaurants and a bike shop ... though I suppose I'll leave it to others do decide how valuable those reviews really are are.

Since I've posted so many reviews elsewhere, I'll just briefly review our itinerary here, with 5-point ratings, brief comments and links to the full reviews (by me and others) on the other sites, in case our experience might be valuable to other families planning a similar vacation (the preponderance of favorable ratings is either the result of successful research or low standards ... I like to think it's more likely the former). I'll also include thumbnails and links to a few photos along the way. [A much more comprehensive guide to the Oregon coast can be found at 101 Mile by Mile.]

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