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Communities & Technologies Conference (C&T 2007): Socializing and Sociologizing on the Web

iPhone iGloat: Signaling through Signatures

I'm at the Communities & Technologies (C&T2007) conference, continuously partially attending to a stream of traffic on a mailing list ostensibly devoted to the planning of a fast-approaching unconference. Judith Donath gave a fabulous presentation earlier today on applying signaling theory to online social networks. I'll be blogging in much greater length about that soon, but meanwhile, I think it's interesting to see the "signaling" going on in this email stream, as it highlights some of the concepts she was talking about, especially with respect to signaling dynamics, fashion and deception. Of course, much of the signaling is due to Apple's default insertion of "Sent from my iPhone" signatures into email messages, but some of the signaling is taking place outside of those signatures ... and some is taking place in signature "hacks".

[I've edited the stream to remove any personally identifying information, compress the relevant segments, and italicize the signature lines.]

Good question. What's the word? How's the iPhone?
Sent on the TELUS Mobility network with BlackBerry

OMFG! It is far better than I expected. I wasn't even expecting to get one but somehow I ended up handing my credit card to that nice lady.
Sent from my iPhone

Yeah I really like mine - I wish it supported laptop tethering though.

You can register at [URL omitted]!
Sent from my iPhone

I see you're an iPhoner as well! How long did you have to wait? Also how is the edge speed? I'm clocking 115-150 Kbps therebouts.
Sent from my iPhone

Sales End: Ended
Used to say Sales End yesterday and today, no?
Sent from my iPhone

Hehe, I have an iPhone too
Sent from my iPhone

Sent from my iPhone

I don't have one
Sent from my analog phone

I’m going to buy one tomorrow.
Sent from my land line

[Update: Chris Pirillo and his readers/commenters have some interesting things to say about the reasons they are not getting an iPhone]

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