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Poetry, Courage and Change

In my last post, I wrote about Susan Jeffer's No-Lose Model for making decisions, the last step of which -- after the decision is made -- is

Don’t protect, correct (commit yourself to any decision you make and give it all you've got … but if it doesn’t work out, change it!)

On the flight down to SFO early this morning, I was listening to Disc 2 of David Whyte's Clear Mind, Wild Heart, in which he provides an example of this willingness to make course corrections in his own life.  He was working with a non-profit, and was finding himself feeling increasingly tired ... which is hardly surprising, given his observation that non-profits generally exist to change the world, so there's always more to do.  A friend helped him discover the following insight:

the antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness

He could have changed jobs, but instead he changed his job description until it more naturally suited who he really was.

Two other quotes from David Whyte that resonated with me today were

courage is the ability to cultivate a relationship with the unknown


anything and anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you

I finished my first day of work at Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto, today.  I've been up since 3am, and although I feel a bit tired, I don't feel exhausted.  Some new changes were announced today, and more are likely to follow, but it's all new to me, and so much is still unknown.  But in that uncertainty lies a great opportunity to bring big things to life.  And everything I learned today reinforced the initial impression I had that the natural expression of my passions, skills and experiences will help the lab -- and me -- unfold together in positive ways.

Thinking about David Whyte in this context, I believe what the lab is looking for, and what I intend to co-create, is a clear-minded, wild-hearted research agenda.

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