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Practicing What I Preach, and Preaching What I Want to Practice

Inspired by Dan's recent comment involving paradox, teaching what we most need to learn, and mobius strips, I recognize that while I strive to practice what I preach, I believe that I more consistently preach what I want to practice.  I am increasingly aware that other people are mirrors for me -- when I react to things that others do or say (or don't do or don't say), it is because the actions or words have triggered something in my own history or psyche, and so anything I do or say in response is simply a mechanism for me to work out some of my own stuff surrounding the issue(s).  One of the many gifts of blogging is that by writing out what amount to sermons to myself, and making them public, it helps me to reinforce my intention to act in accordance with my espoused views.  And sometimes, as Dan and others have demonstrated through their comments, I receive additional gifts as well :-).

I decided to seize the inspiration from Dan's comment, transform it from thoughts to actions -- and from bits to atoms (via paper, marker, scissors and tape) -- and herewith translate the effects from atoms back to bits again:


Thanks, Dan!

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