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Cancer be Gone: All Quiet on the Southern Front

Amy had a biopsy on Wednesday to search for traces of the anal cancer that was detected last May and treated last fall.  Much to our delight -- and more to our relief than we expected -- the results were negative, i.e., there was no evidence of carcinoma in any of the samples taken.   There is still some chance (5-10%) that the cancer is alive and well -- there will be more followup tests, but fewer and farther between -- and, of course, there is always the chance that a new type of cancer will be detected at some point (a risk we all increasingly face), but I choose to embrace uncautious optimism, celebrate life and enjoy the moment(s)!

I'm practicing using more graphics, and less words, to express myself, so with the help of Mutual Magick, I'll simply say

grinhoppy hopepose woohoo

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