Dances with Coyotes
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Signs of Improvement

While it is sometimes difficult to discern improvement on a day-to-day basis, Amy is definitely doing better this week than last.  She has been spending more time out of bed than in bed during the day, is joining us more regularly for meals, is taking phone calls again and is gradually getting more involved in some of the many aspects of our homelife that she used to take care of entirely on her own (he admits, rather sheepishly).  There have been no new blood tests or other quantifiable measures of Amy's health condition since last Monday, so we content ourselves with these more subjective signs of improvement.

We enjoyed a 5-day visit from my mother and stepfather (they just departed today), and I was grateful to temporarily turn over responsibilities for meal planning and cooking, as well as other household and even yard tasks.  My cousin, Cindy, came over for dinner on Sunday -- our first dinner guest outside the immediate family in  months -- and she even brought dinner for yet another night (probably several nights).  Despite -- or perhaps due to -- our hardships, we recognize and gratefully acknowledge that we are very fortunate in many respects.

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