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Openness, Vulnerability, Kindness and Greatness

I was catching up with Dan Oestreich's blog this morning, getting inspired by Dan's writing about -- and modeling -- the value of being conscious and open.  I took a break to drive the kids to school, and on the way back, listened to Steve Inskeep's interview with Paul McCartney on NPR, which provided yet another example of the benefits of openness and vulnerability.  The producer of McCartney's latest album, Nigel Godrich (who, as Inskeep notes was not even born yet when the Beatles broke up), was critical of some early cuts on the album, and by being open and responsive to some of that criticism, McCartney was able to craft better music, resulting in what may be his greatest album in years.

Indeed, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard is the first McCartney album since Let it Be (the title track of which is one of those "goosebump" songs I mentioned a while back) I am willing buy.  I liked all the tracks played during the course of the interview; the following verse -- from How Kind of You -- resonated particularly strongly with me, given all the kindness we have experienced throughout our recent challenges:

How kind of you to think of me
When I was out of sorts
It really meant alot to be
in someone else's thoughts
someone elses's mind
someone else as kind
as you

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