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Mistakes vs. Lessons, Masculine vs. Feminine

image from One final note about the NPR interview with Paul McCartney and his producer, Nigel Godrich: Godrich mentioned a "mistake" that McCartney made during a cut that was his "favorite moment in the song" (Fine Line)... and he convinced McCartney to incorporate that into the final cut. This called to mind Sheryl Crow's song My Favorite Mistake, and also reminded me of one of my favorite life rules articulated by Cherie Carter-Scott in her inspiring book, If Life is a Game, These are the Rules, which presents a very different view of mistakes than that expressed in McCartney's song:

Rule Three - There are no mistakes, only lessons. Your development towards wisdom is a process of experimentation, trial and error, so it's inevitable things will not always go to plan or turn out how you'd want. Compassion is the remedy for harsh judgment - of ourselves and others. Forgiveness is not only divine - it's also 'the act of erasing an emotional debt'. Behaving ethically, with integrity, and with humour - especially the ability to laugh at yourself and your own mishaps - are central to the perspective that 'mistakes' are simply lessons we must learn.

... which, in turn, reminds me that I read that she will soon be appearing locally at a one-day workshop on Liberating the Feminine.  Normally, I would not even consider attending an event that seems so exclusively designed for women ... but the the current issue of Utne, that just arrived yesterday, includes a special section on Embrace your Feminine: The Power of Nurture in a Man's World ... so perhaps I'll hold off a bit on making relevance / value judgments.

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