A Ray of Sunshine
A Boost

Home Again

Amy was discharged from the hospital today, and is resting relatively comfortably in her own bed.  Last night was particularly trying for her, with little or no sleep, but her blood counts are holding steady, her fever has not returned, and her doctor was willing to let her come home.  Before leaving, she went to the radiation oncology section for her final treatment, so she has now officially "graduated", and I can finally say with confidence that major combat operations have ended.  We are all relieved to reach the end of this chapter.

While in the hospital, I found it amusing that Amy was technically referred to as a "patient", as that is not a term I would use to describe her approach to hospitalization.  I imagine some hospitalized people may indeed be patient, and delegate care management to the professionals.  Amy took a very active role in her care, despite her illness and weakness, staying on top of everything (and everyone) to ensure that she received the tests, treatments and results in a timely fashion.  Most of the caregivers at the hospital were very competent, compassionate and conscientious ... and adapted well to what I suspect was an unusually high level of, er, engagement by a person under their care.

We found out tonight that her c-dif test was negative, and so she has started Immodium again, and we are hoping the diarrhea abates soon.  She goes in for another CBC test on Wednesday, and we're hoping that the counts are all [still] within acceptable ranges.  Meanwhile, her amateur home health nurse is hoping to rise to the challenge of providing an adequate level of care.

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