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Another Hale and Hearty NWEN Pub Night: On Working, Walking, Running, Screaming, Fighting and Soothing

There was another great lineup of aspiring and inspiring entrepreneurs at the Northwest Entrepreneur Network (NWEN) Pub Night at Hales Ales this past Thursday.  Here's a brief summary:

  • Working: Steve Bjorg talked about MindTouch, a company that seeks to "bridge the gap between community-driven, open-source developments and today's business requirements" through, among other things, their Knowledge Server, a multidimensional and multiformat information repository.
  • Walking: Monty Reed shared the motivation and vision of They Shall Walk, which includes a wearable robotic LIFESUIT that will enable disabled people to walk; Monty got the idea for the LIFESUIT while recovering from a parachuting accident in 1986 when he was an Army Ranger (quipping "a parachute doesn't always work, gravity always does"), inspired by a robotic brace for soldiers described in chapter 7 of Robert Heinlein's book, Starship Troopers.
  • Running: for those who can already walk, but want to do more, Jeffrey Shilling presented, an executive fitness coaching company dedicated to empowering urban professionals to achieve their fitness goals in the least amount of time possible ("twice the fitness in half the time")
  • Screaming: for those who want to move [bits] screamingly fast, Andrew Edmond, CEO of Scream Networks, told us about his company's screaming grid-based platform to support full-screen DVD-quality video on demand
  • Fighting: an entrepreneur who was concerned about disclosure due to the power structure within the boxing industry highlighted the central importance of picking fights wisely (by boxers and/or their managers), and an idea he has for an online tool to help with this; out of deference to his wishes to keep a low profile, I'll say no more
  • Soothing: Morgan Miller, of Morgan Jane All Natural Products, told us about -- and shared samples of -- her company's non-toxic home, bath and body care products, that are soothing to people, pets and the environment ... providing an example of yet another way where people can make socially responsible investments.

These bi-monthly events are great opportunities for inspiration and networking ... and, of course, pizza and beer (I previously blogged about my experience at the NWEN Pub Night in January).  There will be a hiatus over the summer -- which makes sense, given that I suspect the summer-like weather we had Thursday night resulted in a lower-than-usual turnout -- and I look forward to the return of Pub Night in the fall.

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