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The Source of my Breathing Dragon

I alluded to my Breathing Dragon during an earlier post on my Warrior Monk experience. Sally Wilson of Earthwing Pottery, the artist who created the dragon figure, recently replied to my email inquiry about the source of the dragon; she provided some details about the materials, people, processes and inspiration that came together in its creation, which I include below (with her permission).


"Hi Joe, thanks for your letter..it came to my bulk mailbox for some reason (which I rarely check) hence my delay! [The dragon] is "coldcast" from resin impregnated with garnet dust, chemically bonded with metals -- in your case this looks like bronze and silver (or possibly aluminium). I make the original out of clay, then one of my dearest friends makes the molds and casts them for me,(limited edition). It is a rather painstaking process involving putting metal powders in the mold like a sandpainting, she's a fabulous artist in her own right, so I give her "carte blanche" and no two are the same.. When it comes out of the mold it is ground, buffed, and polished, then I highlight it with mica powders and sealant (thats the blue). The metal will oxidize and form a patina over time, if you want to bring it back to shiny use a non abrasive multi metal polish (Like "Mr. Metal'). Thanks so much for your appreciation and for using it as inspiration, it is the best purpose I hope for when I do my work--I quiet my mind and envision that greater reality of peace and joy channelled into the beautiful receptivity of the clay..I am honored that you continue that process! Sally Wilson

Deep Peace of the Quiet Earth to you
Deep Peace of the Running Wave to you
Deep Peace of the Flowing Air to you
Deep Peace of the Shining Stars to you

Celtic blessing"

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