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Self-Reliance vs. Interdependence: Inherence, Adherence and Coherence

New Warrior Training Adventure: A Powerful Multi-cultural and Multi-dimensional Experience

I've just returned from my "rookie" staffing at a New Warrior Training Adventure weekend near Albany, NY: a multi-cultural NWTA co-sponsored by the Upstate NY, New England, and Montreal communities within the Mankind Project (MKP).  It was a powerful experience on multiple levels for me, made all the moreso by the opportunity to participate in the initiation of a good friend.  It has been nearly three years since my own initiation, with the Chicago MKP community, and while my weekly post-training "integration group" in the local Northwest MKP community provides a safe container within which I continue to grow, the weekend represented a long overdue, deeper reconnection with -- and renewal of -- my sacred masculine energy, an aspect of my self that I need to increasingly draw upon as I continue to stretch beyond my comfort zone in my personal and professional activities.  It was also a great opportunity to meet, work with and develop new relationships with some amazing men who are committed to making the world a better place.  I feel great joy and gratitude for this opportunity.  Aho!

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