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Blogger's Mind

Lately, I find myself increasingly adopting a perspective of "[How] would I blog this?" -- coming up with evocative or provative blog post titles, considering various links I might create and thinking about photos I might upload for a post.  It reminds me of a period of my life where I was a more avid photographer, when I found myself increasingly experiencing life through the lens of my camera, and adopting a perspective of "[How] would I photograph this?"  The trouble I have with both of these perspectives is that they both take me out of the present moment, representing a kind of "monkey mind" rather than a "beginner's mind"

I enjoy writing, as it helps me [literally] compose my thoughts, and gain greater clarity.  The advantage of posting my thoughts on this blog are that readers' comments often help me gain additional clarity.  I just want to be mindful of the temptation to be thinking about future "capture and access", and not be distracted by such thoughts during present moments (er, this particular present moment excluded).

[Googling "blogger's mind" reveals that mumsgather has some interesting thoughts on this term, and the state it describes, as well.]

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