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Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration

When I first started this weblog, my intent was to focus on content relating to my professional activities, which I summarized as "ruminations on people, places and things, and the potential [digital] connections between them" in my weblog catchphrase.  I am still interested in these topics, and intend to continue blogging on them, but I now believe that a more accurate catchphrase is "ruminations on inspiration, aspiration and perspiration", i.e., things (including people and places)that stimulate me, things that I strongly desire, and things for which I am willing to work [up a sweat] ... I hope that these will not be disparate sets.  As I look back on my more technology-oriented posts, they all fit this broader bill, so I don't view this as a shift but rather a recognition of an enlargement of focus.

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