Digital Backchannels in Shared Physical Spaces
The Politics of the Apology


It's been a busy week -- so much to blog about, yet so little time to blog ... leaving me feeling rather backblogged (which I'll define as "[n] an accumulation of insights or experiences not yet recorded or posted electronically").

I enjoyed a great visit with my friends and former colleagues at Accenture Technology Labs on Friday, a fabulous experience at CSCW 2004 Saturday thru Wednesday, and an inspiring talk by Rick Steves today -- "Never Underestimate the Power of Passion" -- at the NWEN Venture Breakfast. Yet, due to persistent sleep deprivation throughout this period, I haven't taken the time to compose and post (compost?) my thoughts.  I hope to catch up on some sleep tonight and start recording some of these recent experiences over the weekend.

[Update: I now see that several others have been using the term "backblogged" already ... note to self: Google before you post.]

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