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Location-aware Computing: Walking the Talk, Mapping the Walk

Chris Heathcote has shared many interesting observations and insights regarding location-aware computing; he is now experiencing -- and allowing us to experience -- location-aware computing first-hand by posting his location on his web site (and linking to a map of that location). Chris is using a Pretec BluetoothGPS Wireless GPS and Mobile Data-logger, an Aspicore GSM Tracker for Symbian OS Series 60 Phones, a Nokia 6600 phone, and a custom webserver program. And why is he doing this?

A bigger question is why publish this information in public. I must admit I'm not overly happy with giving everyone access to this data, but then again, this kind of service is the near-future that designers like myself have been preaching for years. It will cause privacy problems, it will cause social embarassment, it may change the way I live. Unless I try it myself, I will never know what unexpected consequences publishing this information will have. Self-ethnography is not scientifically valid, but I think it's one of the best ways of empathising with the problems new technology creates. If I won't use it, I shouldn't expect you to either.

Chris is open to the possibility of letting others participate in this experiment, either via sharing the code or sharing the web service; it will be very interesting to see what his -- and others' -- experiences will be in this grand experiment!

[via Anne Galloway (Purse Lip Square Jaw)]

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