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Pocket Rendezvous: Proximity-based Sharing of Digital Content via PocketPCs

Just read this in SmartMobs, which I assume is based on personal communication from the developer; there is more information in an article at The Register.

Razvan Dragomirescu of Simeda writes: " We have completed development for our Pocket Rendezvous project. It's a web server for the Pocket PC that advertises itself to other Pocket PCs in the neighbourhood wirelessly using ad-hoc WiFi networks and Rendezvous. Windows users can look here for a Windows Rendezvous browser/publisher. Pocket Rendezvous also allows you to browse for nearby devices running Pocket Rendezvous and view the content published by the Pocket Rendezvous server on those devices. You can also browse for regular Rendezvous services published on your network."

Sounds like an application with great potential for digitally connecting people, places & things; I hope it will be used for more "authentic" interactions than the type that are facilitated by an earlier Simeda application (SounderCover) that enables potentially deceptive background sounds to be piped into a mobile phone call . Several potential applications, including matchmaking, music sharing and accessing presentations, are described in the SmartMobs post. And, of course, this would be a great mechanism through which to provide content for proactive displays, and perhaps even to build blogger bridges.

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