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Bobbi Petersen

We, too, picked up a bottle of the Old Moon and loved it! I sent my husband back to Trader Joe's to pick up a case, and they were out! My favorite Zin is Rombauer, but the Old Moon is a great value. We couldn't believe it was only $5 - $6 a bottle. Don't tell TJ's! I couldn't find a website on Old Moon either. Enjoy!


My fiancé and I had picked up a random bottle of Zin (Renwood, "Old Vine") at BevMo one day and loved it. We weren't able to come across another Zin that matched that flavor until we found the Trader Moon's Old Moon, "Old Vine" the other day at Trader Joe's. We went back the next day to find that there were only two bottle left (and of course we snatched up both!) So, after a few days wait, they finally restocked and we bought another 8! (In fact, I just finished off our third bottle, so we now have 8 more to drink!) I'm a year late though, as these are 04's. I'm really excited to see how they age in another year or so.

A Revsin

My guess is that the Old Moon Zin is made by Delicato for Trader Joe's


I'm taking mine back. It tastes like shellfish. really disgusting. definitely not corked, but definitely BAD

Jaime M

I'm a fan of the Old Moon Zin. I hope TJ's has more when I go back. On a side note, I poured someone a glass (by no means a wine expert) and he told me it was the best Zin he's ever had. I chuckled.


Well, I'm no expert, but the 2005 was quite bad. It is very immature and has absolutely zero finish. Very fruity, but nothing more. I'd avoid the 2005, or stick it in the wine rack for a while. Even for $6, I wasn't impressed at all. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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