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Lovely, Joe. Will try to see the film. As always, your own spirit and humanity come through...

Joe McCarthy

Thanks, Dan. Multiple layers of reflection going on here, I suppose :)

If you do see the film, I'll be interested in your reflections, too, as many of the themes - notably including the influence of fathers on their families - resonate with things I know you've thought and written about.

Marie-Josee Mont-Reynaud

Thanks for your thoughtful and thorough review. I have seen the film twice now, and your interpretation brought new insight into why I like it so much.

Joe McCarthy

Marie-Josee: I would like to see the movie again, too, as I know I've only processed a small fraction of the concepts it addressed. I'm glad the fraction I wrote about resonated with you.

Luey Anderson

Thanks for the sensitive and "thought-feeling" :-) provoking review..makes me even more eager to see the film.


Kia ora Joe,
I have to find interest in any movie that begins with a John Muir observation. I shall keep an eye out for this one. I can use any inspiration I can find as a father of a 18 plus year old young man who seems to have no interest in joining this system. Part of me applauds him, another part cries for him. Sometimes I wonder what technology has brought to him and I in terms of our relationship. Seems the only threads holding it together come from our shared experiences in wilderness. Or maybe that is just my perception. Kia ora Joe e hoa for bringing for your thought provoking review. Kia kaha.

Joe McCarthy

Luey: Thanks for the thoughtful/feelingful comment.

Robb: I don't know if the film will make it out to New Zealand. I believe it is every generation's responsibility to be at least partially unfathomable to the preceding generation, though I can relate to the challenges of trying to relate to a teenaged son. I'm glad you have some threads of shared experience that help maintain connection between you and your son.

what inspires you

Really enjoyed reading your perspective. Loved the quote: When you tug at a single thing in the universe, you find it's attached to everything else. A concept I wish I could get my sixteen year old to embrace!

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