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Twitter Followers every month

You could have your twitter manged on a monthly basis and not have to worry about building your followers...just focus on what you want to say in your tweets and have thousands of followers listening and following you.


Joe, I realize this is an old post and I am late to the dance, but as someone new to Twitter (and full of skepticism), your insights and application of theory to Twitter and social media is an excellent introduction to the scene. One of my biggest concerns about social media is the commoditization of relationships, and the movement of identity from a narrative orientation to a database orientation. The excellent Danah Boyd article you pointed to has insights that have just started to dawn upon me as I am connecting with certain people on Twitter: it really is a public discussion with a targeted audience, and much to my surprise, I find it much more meaningful and appealing than Facebook blather with old high school classmates (sorry).

Another comment: I can say without a doubt that I have used Google search less since I started following certain folks on Twitter. I have been led to more wonderful sources in my brief time on Twitter than I could have possibly come up with on my own. I like to think of this as a revelation that humans are ultimately the best searchers; take that Sergey Brin! In other words, every like-minded person whom I follow has his or her own set of assumptions, perspectives, and expereinces that he or she has accumulated and perfected over an entire lifetime. Following their lead is much more fruitful for me than simply bringing my singular vision to the subject. Could it be that Twitter is an ideal venue for achieving Burke's ideal of consubstantiation? Well, I'd still prefer a weekend writing retreat with my ten favorite tweeters, but Twitter might not be a bad second option.

Joe McCarthy

Greg: thanks for the feedback and extension of the conversation. This post represents the highest effort to lowest response ratio of anything I've written on my blog. I suspect that many of the people who read it consciously or unconsciously follow one or more of the following practices, and/or do not [want to] see the dark side of desperately or casually seeking followers. I was tempted to subtitle it "how to write a blog post that no one will tweet".

Regarding your concerns about Facebook and Twitter, you might be interested in a post written by Jim Stogdill at O'Reilly Radar on Amygdala Farmville, in which he describes them as "Psychographic Marketing Honeypots ... disguised as a social network & a search engine".

Although I still have a love/hate relationship with Twitter, I am finding more value in and through it over time ... and less value in Facebook. However, I still find tremendous value in Google (making it a reciprocal arrangement, given Stogdill's argument), which enabled me to easily find out more about my newest vocabulary word: consubstantiation.

Looking the word up on Wikipedia and a couple of online dictionaries, I was initially led to wonder whether you intended a religious / eucharistic meaning here, but re-searching for "consubstantiation burke" led me immediately to what I believe is the more likely meaning you intended by consubstantiation ... at a Google Sites page, no less:

Intelligent beings have a symbolic understanding of themselves and of each other, and share knowledge through positively aligning their personal symbol-systems with the symbol-systems of others. Kenneth Burke calls the process of creating agreement based on meaning consubstantiation.

So, yes, I agree that Twitter can contribute to consubstantiation ... and am glad we were able to reach a state of consubstantiation here.

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