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This was one of the key findings of our Zurfer mobile photos application study ("Photos on the Go", CHI 2008). People often had "the place they cared about", that played a much stronger role than the obvious "the place they were at".

But I think we are moving to everything-centered sociality, location included, and Twitter can enable that.

Joe McCarthy

Mor: thanks for sharing the additional insight into varying levels of place attachment. I'm including a direct link to your CHI 2008 paper "Photos on the Go". Quote 4.1 from one of your interview subjects (P2) seems particular relevant:

"The place we like the most, the so called ideal place… Every person has such a place somewhere in the world… It is very nice to see if somebody… at least from my contacts, has taken pictures..."

The varying levels of care about different places reminds me of another interesting study, presented by Jon Froehlich, et al., at UbiComp 2006, on "Voting with your feet : An investigative study of the relationship between place visit behavior and preference", in which they discovered that the frequency with which people visit places is not correlated with how much the like those places (at least in the domain of restaurants).

Thanks, too, for linking to your blog post about the evolution of Twitter. Your observations / recommendations about the use of Twitter hashtags are well taken. While I agree that hashtag practices could evolve to mark any type of object, it seems that hashtags are most often used to construct virtual placemarkers ... and so while we may be moving toward everything-centered sociality, I still think place has a special place in the sociality hierarchy. :)


Kia ora e hoa Joe,
Cheers for your kind words and observations. I know I have mentioned this before but the only reason starting my own "place" to share these moments was the result of one day googling your name and finding Gumption. This way of connecting really impacted me, and I never imagined something I began sharing as a way to keep family and a few friends close would open up a community that has tremendous value for me. Often times I get more value out of the discussions and observations via the comments than my own initial thoughts in posting. And I can also state with absolute certainty having met in person a number of people I have connected with via the blog that the value extracted, and hopefully given, is real and true. It is true my own place is based around the deep love I have unearthed within me for a small, relatively obscure mountain range in New Zealand. Most of what I write and post is simply sharing and trying to explain what that means to me, the clarification it has brought to my life. I do believe we all have, or should seek, such a place. These next six months will be another watershed in my own interaction with using my place to communicate outwards. For I will not be there at all. My hip has disintegrated to the point I cannot walk without severe pain, much less in the mountains with a heavy pack upon my back. I am scheduled to have my hip replaced in early April, and with intensive rehab I am aiming for a reunion with the Ruahine in July for my 50th birthday, which I cannot even begin to explain what will mean to me. But that is a ways away, and I am not sure what will become of my virtual place if I cannot centre it around being in those mountains. Perhaps it is an opportunity, and perhaps as some have pointed out even though all my sharings are based around the mountains, that at times it goes beyond them anyway. The Ruahine will always be within me, and simply are reflected in any thoughts, words, or images I may share. I am inspired by the words of Bronson and that potentially this is my "next".
Kia ora Joe, may 2010 be an interesting one for you and for your beautiful family. I hope as well that it is still within the realms of possibility that I might get an opportunity to show you those beautiful mountains myself. Rangimarie e kia kaha!

Joe McCarthy

Robb: thanks for elaborating on the connection(s) you feel to and through the Ruahines, and through your blogging about the range. I wish you all the best as you prepare for the surgery, and look forward to joining you there for some deep place-centered sociality in the Ruahines sometime thereafter!

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