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Nice summary, I knew I could trust you with a detailed account. I am always too lazy to write mine.

One comment, though: I did not try to say that "no one really knows what motivates users in the selection of tags". We know some of the motivations that are in play, but we do not know how/when they come into play, and what factors influence that. More basically, we don't really know what's going on in the system: we don't have a good cognitive or even system model of how users interact with various tagging systems.


Mor: thanks for the kind words, and for the clarification of what you said and/or meant during the social tagging session. I remember thinking that, by the end of the session, at least I was even more uncertain about social taggers' motivations (perhaps this is yet another lingering artifact of my epistemological meltdown during college), and I may have simply projected that onto your statements.

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