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Thanks for your take on the Pew report!

I'd like to point you to some (extensive) commentary on Ms Brizendine's book though, at Language Log. Her book may be interesting, but (judging from the Language Log posts) it my not be entirely accurate...

Joe McCarthy

marrije: thanks for the comment and the link! I read the Language Log post you referenced, and then followed a few other links in that post. Issues regarding the relative sizes of the language centers of the brain in males and females are raised in an earlier post on "the main job of the girl brain"; however, I couldn't find any critiques of the claims regarding the effects of estrogen, oxytocin, dopamine and testosterone on relative prioritizations of communication and connection vs. sports and sexual pursuit.

Another post on "distracted by the brain" referenced in the post you shared describes how non-experts (in neuroscience) find psychological explanations that include irrelevant neuroscientific information to be more satisfying than explanations with no neuroscientific information. In case it's not obvious, while I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about neuroscience, I am not an expert, and so am grateful to being alerted to yet another domain for exercising - and perhaps recognizing - errors in judgment(s).

Interestingly, perhaps, the Language Log post you originally referenced mentions "the blank slate". Stephen Pinker (author of The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature), was the speaker immediately preceding Louann at the PopTech conference, where I was first exposed to [the ideas in] her book (though Steven was talking about his new book, The Stuff of Thought). If there are / were disagreements between them (regarding nature vs. nurture), they did not surface on-stage. [BTW, I included some notes and links from both of their talks in one of my blog posts on PopTech 2007.]

Robb Kloss

Kia ora Joe.Interesting stuff here. As the the father of a sometimes increasingly distant teen age boy, 14 plus, I appreciate any information I can get my hands on. I wonder if there are different results for different countries, cultures? Or has the internet erased those boundaries? I find my son Taylor, communicates through his World of War Craft gaming with many other people and I sometimes wonder how much I should be monitoring that. He has also now taken to posting some of his own motocross riding videos on You Tube and is starting to draw a response on that as well. Thanks again for much food for thought.

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