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Hope you are doing good! Wish you speedy recovery!!


Thanks Praveen!

Separately, Dr. Mark Cantieri, an Osteopathic Physician from Mishawaka, Indiana, who offers another "alternative" treatment for elbow pain called prolotherapy, sent me an email (which he agreed to let me post) providing the following additional information:

I was reading your blog re: treatment of your elbow. Many mistakenly assume because a site is painfull that it is a tendonitis. Since inflammation is an acute phase event, it stops after about 4 weeks. Persistance after that is due to tendinosis, an injury to the enthesis, the site of the tendon's attachment to the bone. Recurrent bouts of tennis elbow are due to reinjury to the enthesis. The PRP protocal should work well, as does prolotherapy for this type of injury.

Wow, it is so kind to hear you to share your honest experience with the detail and progress of your procedure. I am also a freak with needles, hope you go well soon with your elbow and will drop back later to see how you progress.


Ben S

I hope everything is going well. I too have tendinitis, and have had it for the last four years, I was wondering how much did the therapy cost, and how difficult was it to get Dr. Mishra to do it?


Kim: thanks for the kind wishes; it's nice to know I'm not alone in my needle aversion.

Ben S: the therapy cost $1500, and the hardest part was simply finding a period of time in my schedule when I wouldn't be flying for 7 or more days. Dr. Mishra was very accommodating - he performs the PRP injection procedure on most Thursdays.


The pain is getting better. I was able yo actually get some sleep last night. I was having to take Lortab just to get thru. I'm glad I took Thursday off&have this weekend off. Getting dressed is very painful&almost brings tears to my eyes. Definitely won't be doing this again.

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