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Jane McGonigal

Wow! This is great stuff. Thanks so much for sharing. I love how the right spontaneous invitation just came to you at exactly the right moment, although I never pictured you as a kegger! Lol. I met my husband through similar quick thinking -- I saw him at a bar and said "Hi! I don't know anyone here! Will you please talk to me?" It was the first thing that popped into my head, completely honest and uncalculated... just like your experience meeting your wife! must be a good indication of a good match. Now I also know at least two new things we have in common -- the picky eating growing up (In high school I subsisted mainly on rice cakes, snyders sourdough pretzels, grape nuts in yogurt, spaghetti with marinara sauce, Lean Cuisine frozen dinners, and anything entemenn's-- i didn't have chinese, japanese, indian or pretty much ANY ethnic cuisine EVER in my life until I met my husband 2 years after college!) and the Class that Nearly Killed Us (mine was a grad seminar I took as an undergrad called Philosophy of Technology with professor Babette Babich). Thanks for generously sharing and for passing on the baton. You're right that it's a scary prospect to think of revealing 5 things about myself that readers don't know, considering that my readers include both my twin sister and work associates! I will relish the challenge to think of 5 things that really no one knows. Thanks Joe :)

Liz Lawley

Okay, I did it. :)

And in a weird kind of cosmic balance, even though I was raised somewhat Jewish, and have no strong religious affiliations of any kind, I _love_ Christmas. The music, the lights, the fact that people smile at each other more, picking out and wrapping just the right gift for someone I love. :)

Oh, and the hanukkah latkes. Yum, yum, yum!


After being tagged a half dozen times (by different bloggers), danah has finally succumbed to the meme; see her end of the year top five.


Kathy Sierra has responded to the invitation(s). Like danah, she'd been tagged by a number of other bloggers, and added her own special twist on the meme, in her post on Five(ish) Things I Don't Know About You (achieving an order of magnitude more revelations through her passionate readers' / writers' comments on the post).

michael jones

Thank you for the wonderful post! I completely understand you and i agree with you! I am on picky eater diet and i am not sure if it is good or bad but i will finish it!

michael jones

As i said i am a picky eater and i completely understand you! My biggest problem now is to find good recipes! Wish me luck!

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