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Here's how I'd explain it to my kid. The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Democrats trust the Government to do what's right and Republicans trust People and the businesses they run to do what's right. For example, Republicans are for:

-Less gun control (freedom to own and use weapons responsibly)
-Keep and spend more of your own money, including charitable donations to the poor (less taxes, less forced welfare)
-Choose which schools to send their kids to (voucher programs)
-Plan for their own retirements (privatized social security)
-Plan for their own health care (medical savings accts. etc.)

Republicans will take a moral stand however. This is a apparent in the gay marriage issues, legalized marijuana, abortion etc. These issues either affect others (unborn babies, victims of drug related crimes etc.) or are seen as detrimental to society as a whole. Whether or not you agree with it, you at least know where Republicans come from on the issue.

Democrats on the other hand take away individual choice and accountability:

-Greater restrictions on guns etc.
-Government control of income to be redistributed as the Government sees fit e.g. welfare, etc.
-Government control of education
-Government control of retirement
-Government control of health care
-Heavy government regulation of business

However you look at it, this means trusting individuals LESS to do what is best for themselves and relying on government to make the tough decisions.

As far as how that relates to MS and DRM in Vista... I don't know, but the way I see it is that DRM fits more in with the Democratic control model of--"we'll give you what you want, but on our terms."

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