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Eileen McCarthy

Dear Joe,
Thank you for sharing this information about Amy, her condition and its treatment. Life is so uncertain and you certainly seem to have relied on the kinds of information you need to help you through these stages. Know that you, Amy and the children are in my thoughts and prayers.
Be in peace,

Noni Vaught

I was diagnosed with anal cancer by examination and biopsy last week. I am a 61 year old woman. I have a muriad of connective tissue disorders that I am under treatment for and which may make me NOT a canidate for radiation, MY Rheumatologist gave go ahead to see if I can tolerate it. My tumor is approx 7 cm and I was clear on CT less than 11 months ago. However, I am on both prednisone and asazan for my Polymyositis. All very scary and would appreciate any feedback or personal experiences you might share. Thanks


Hi Noni,

Thanks for sharing your experience.

This post marked the beginning of my personal experience with a loved one who has been diagnosed with anal cancer. I've shared many of my (and Amy's) subsequent experiences here on the blog (they can be found by following this link to all my anal cancer "counterinsurgency" posts). The good news, as I noted in the most recent post in that thread ("Cancer Be Gone"), is that it appears that the treatment was successful, and Amy is still cancer free as we approach the three year anniversary of her diagnosis.

I imagine that Amy's personal experience of her cancer would be of greater support to you now than my indirect experience with her cancer, so I've forwarded your comment and email address (which is not posted publicly on this blog) to Amy.

Meanwhile, I wish you all the best as you rise to meet this new challenge!



I have had colitis for a long time and often worry about cancer. I had a colononscpy in Jan. 2007 and despite alot of bleeding the doc said it was just the colitis acting up stay on the meds.It is now may 2008 and I have not been bleeding regularly for awhile like I used to. But lately I have noticed a lot of pain in my anal area when walking. It will just hit me out of the blue a very sharp pain. I have noticed some bleeding very bright red but his only happened twice.not the usual bleeding like colitis where it was consistent.What were the sypmtons of the anal cancer? did you have pain while walking it is agonizing waiting for my appointment.


Hi Kelly,

Amy had no symptoms prior to the anal cancer diagnosis. It was discovered through a biopsy of a tissue sample taken during her rectocele surgery.

I'm no expert on these matters, but I suspect there are a number of other potential diagnoses that may explain the pain and bleeding you are suffering from. Best wishes for a quick diagnosis and effective treatment!


Kim Bowman

I was diagnosed with anal cancer 2 weeks ago. I will have surgery next week. My symptoms included sporadic bleeding (bright red) The symptom that really stands out in my mind is itching. I was sure that I had worms. Now, sitting is the real problem...I feel like I am sitting on glass all day. My precursors to this were psorasis and digestive issues all my life. Does this help the person wondering about symptoms?


Kim: I'm sad to read of your recent diagnosis. I hope your surgery goes / went well. Thanks for your willingness to share the symptoms that you were experiencing leading up to the diagnosis. I hope it will help Kelly and/or others who are confronting the prospect of anal cancer.


yes thanks to share with us i wish God protect us.

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